About The Other Lobe

The blog began as a partnership between an older (Jim Stellar) and a younger (Shwen Gwee) guy. Then when Jim began doing research for the book, he was helped by one of the first blog co-authors (Adrienne Dooley) who became a project manager for a team of researchers, ranging from students to professionals who all worked to develop the project. Now, the three of us are adding a third section of short papers that examine a topic in greater depth. The whole idea is to discuss how modern brain scan and other research has shown us that the brain is built to operate and make decisions in two ways – through conscious rational thought and through unconscious instinctive decision-making. We think that this view applies to higher education and suggests important and natural ways that learning from experience can powerfully complement a classical classroom-based college education.



Case Study



  • Modernizing an existing brand to allow seamless transition for current users
  • Support responsive design patterns for mobile-readiness
  • Enable multi-user administration and post authoring
  • Create multiple data types to support different authoring schema


  • Created a fluid, responsive design catered toward the existing content and brand
  • Converted HTML/CSS to a wordpress theme for content administration
  • Built a variety of plugins to support multiple authoring schemas and proper rendering