About Reserve A Game

Reserve A Game, LLC was launched in April 2014 in Boston, MA. The company was born out of a passionate pursuit to improve the overall experience of scheduling and playing a game of tennis.

If you ask yourself…How many hours have I wasted waiting to get on a court? How many times have I passed on playing tennis simply due to the unpredictable nature of the local courts?

If your experience is similar to ours, the answers are, way too many and way too often. So, after years of complaining about these very inefficiencies we decided to do something about it.



Case Study

  • Improve pricing calculation to support multi-neighborhood matching
  • Add social sharing widgets for improved outreach
  • Increase support and flexibility regarding search engine marketing
  • Perform deep code review to determine stability and scalability
  • Teach staff about environment-based deployment and code management
  • Scalable support for multiple zip codes when determining residency
  • Implementation of AddThis widget for robust social sharing
  • Abstraction of SEO tags and information to editable localization files