About Project2020

Project 2020 delivers cost-neutral, on-site eye care and comprehensive eye exams to businesses and their employees via a state-of-art mobile eye clinic (“eye truck”). Project 2020 is offered as a service to HR Benefit Managers at corporate offices as a free way to increase health care benefits for employees and increase preventative care. Project 2020 is fully covered by existing health insurance/eye care plans so it is no additional cost to the employee. We aim to make a traditionally headache-inducing service [~2-4 hours plus dilation] vastly more cool and convenient for employees [15 minutes] using state-of-the-art technology & facilities.



Case Study




  • Building reservation system in which locations and quantity of trucks can change
  • Support growing client base under the same system
  • Secure administration to allow employee management and reporting


  • Successfully architected a secure interface layer for managing and organizing database content.
  • Implemented 3-tier application including administrative front-end, booking system front-end, and back-end infrastructure
  • Created multiple Angular.js projects to support speed and stability throughout the application stack

Future Developments

  • Integrate with Electronic Medical Record system to enable synchronization of patient and booking data without data entry or replication.