About Jawbite

JawBite is a service that enhances your interaction with your social network by making it easy to record and post Audio to Facebook and Twitter. Call in in from any phone, record your update, and hang up. That is it. Jaw Bite will do the rest, posting your recorded audio clip to your selected social networks.

Thing5, the company behind JawBite, approached Arcus Solutions to assist with the rapid development of their voice-operated software. In particular, Thing5 sought support in the processing of natural language throughout their product.



Case Study



  • Integrate deeply with various third party services
  • Cater usage to socially driven users
  • Implement “hands-free” use-case for ease of use
  • Design voice-based navigation of application
  • Make available on any device


  • Implemented voice recognition with software from Nuance Communications
  • Made accessible from any device via telecom routing
  • Integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and various other means of communication
  • Designed and implemented custom VoiceXML for navigation and vocal processing
  • Worked directly with support technicians to optimize vocal transcriptions