About CloudStock

CloudStock is the worlds most direct outlet for collaborative investing. Our open, and completely free network provides precise insights into the trading habits of our users. Simply by making trading habits publicly available, we can work together to make sure success is shared across the board.

The power’s in the people

Rather than trying to analyze a highly volatile market, CloudStock aims to use leverage the analytical power of the human mind by sharing the decisions of others that have lead to success and failure alike. Making these details public knowledge provides users with all the information they need to identify successful patterns and replicate them in their own investing habits.

Founded where finance meets technology

CloudStock is built and run from Boston, home to some of the largest financial institutions and most innovative technology companies in the world. Being at the center of these two worlds provides our team an abundance of insight from all the biggest players in the industry.



Case Study



  • Bridge the widening gap of financial literacy
  • Leverage the power of free-flowing information for financial education
  • Simplify the investment process for the everyday user
  • Combine simulation with live trading for universal access


  • Researched and developed standalone API for advanced, simulated trading against live market data
  • Built robust social platform for direct, investment collaboration
  • Identified means of simplified execution of conceptual financial advice