About ChatterMob

ChatterMob is a marketing and analytics platform founded by the youth marketing experts at influencers.at. Through free, rewarding surveying, ChatterMob enabled organizations to gain valuable and direct insight into their youth demographics.

influencers.at approached Arcus Solutions after releasing their initial beta product in order to help ease the adoption of mobile into their development cycles. In particular, influencers.at wanted to de-couple their website in an effort to increase security and follow DRY programming principles.



Case Study



  • Design modern application geared toward a youth audience
  • Collect important user information for advertising
  • Create robust analytics platform for advertisement minimization
  • Include responsive design practices for mobile-friendliness
  • Showcase rewards and milestones for consumer usability


  • Used custom Bootstrap styles for responsive design
  • Implemented secure API layer to support mobile development
  • Custom javascript used for advanced, and fluid user experiences
  • Implemented Highcharts for custom, user analytics