About ArcBus

ArcBUS is an MBTA transit application enabling bus riders to know exactly when their bus will arrive. Along with it’s reliable bus predictions, ArcBUS provides a fluid and natural navigation paired with a slew of useful features like recent and favorite routes.

ArcBUS was developed by Arcus Solutions – a Boston-based software consulting firm specializing in mobile application and cloud-based developed. The app was designed as a simple way to give back to the community we call home, and is completely open-source to showcase some of the practices we use every day. If you’d like to contribute to the project then feel free to checkout our GitHub page.



Case Study



  • Optimize application for iOS7 and 4″ screen
  • Implement without additional server costs
  • Simplify application navigation for consumer performance
  • Maintain optimal programming standards for open-source usage


  • Successfully integrated with NextBus API to retrieve bus location and timing
  • Made use of application GPS to quickly identify times for the nearest stops
  • Added favorites and recent routes for quick access and easier commutes

Coming Soon

  • Re-implement application with Xamarin for cross-platform support