Users Beware – SSL “Heartbleed” Breach Revealed


Keeping user data secure is one of the biggest challenges in running a large website. Over the years, standards have been created and best practices have been put in place to help with that security. But sometimes, even when you follow all the guidelines and do your best to make sure your website and servers are secure, something unexpected happens. On April 7th, 2014 a major exploit was found in the most used SSL/TLS library in the world. This means that over 66% of websites – including banks, social media, and maybe even your website – were put at risk.


Introducing ArcBUS


Arcus Solutions is proud to announce the release of our first open-source project, ArcBUS. This MBTA bus prediction application was developed to give back to the community in the Greater Boston area as well as to showcase some of the software design practices we use in our work. In an effort to make the application accessible to all T goers, we have decided to release the application to the public absolutely free!

For those of you interested in the software practices involved, you can find the entirety of the codebase available on our GitHub page. We have worked to make the repository as lean and readable as possible, but we also plan on writing a series of articles focused on the different processes that went into the application’s development. Though the application doesn’t currently support areas outside of Boston, we welcome any outside contributions to this open-source project that may help broaden its horizons.